Electrolux Professional Commercial Dishwasher

Electrolux is a company that focuses on innovations based on extensive consumer insight to meet the real requirements that individuals and professionals have. This can be seen in the large range of Electrolux commercial dishwashers that they have brought to the market.

The novel dishwashing technology they have offers performance better than their competitors. To meet HACCP compliance their dishwashers provide a constant rinse water temperature of 84 degree Celsius. This is maintained for the complete rinse cycle. These dishwashers also maintain the right pressure of water to make sure that no trace of detergent is left behind.

Along with the water pressure, they also provide an option to enable incessant water softener system that further ensures that no trace of detergent is left on your crockery, cutlery and glassware. Further, a few of the models have the tank and the hood double-walled to prevent heat loss and give a more efficient wash.

The hooded model Electrolux commercial dishwasher is an ideal choice for heavy-duty use. These can wash a maximum of 1,200 dishes per hour. Electrolux also offers a specialized washer that works well with medical glass washing. These can also be easily connected to prewash tabling, and dishes can exit using a roller conveyor tabling.

Rack-type dishwashers are best suited if a modular but high capacity design is needed. These can handle a maximum 300 baskets per hour. These are also available with a hot air blower and a condensing unit, if you need them. You can configure the tunnel for air drying to fit your particular needs.

The Undercounter Dishwasher range works best if you need to address specialized cleaning requirements. This line of Electrolux commercial dishwashers includes Wine Line that works best with delicate wine glass, Café Line which is a perfect match for cafes that need to meet the highest possible hygiene requirements even with inexperienced staff, and Medical Line to sanitize medical glass.

If you need to wash baking plates, containers, casseroles, pots, pans, storage boxes, trays and other cooking utensils then the correct choice for you is the Pots and Pans Dishwashers. These are available in front-loading models as well, to reduce the space the whole setup may take.

If you need a multipurpose utensils washer the space-saving Dish and Utensils Washers would be a good choice. You cannot program various cycles for specialized needs, but this works like a charm for regular washing that could include items like crockery, cutlery, containers, glasses and pizza plates. These can handle up to 65 baskets an hour.