Does Whirlybird Roof Ventilation Actually Work?

Have you noticed those funny rotating things on rooftops? They are smarter than you think. What you have seen is whirlybird roof ventilation installed directly in rooftop so that heat does not accumulate in the house. However, why do you need roof ventilation when you have static vents on ridges? Do these roof top things even work well? The answer is: “Yes, they do.”

Why do we need roof ventilation?

During summers when the sun’s heat reaches its peak, the temperature starts getting into the house and makes you uncomfortable. It also increases the risk of heat-related illness for the members living there. All this calls for the need of efficient roof ventilation. They help to regulate the roof space temperatures during high heat. It also has other benefits like protecting the roof by controlling moisture levels during the winter season.

Contrary to popular belief, ventilating attic spaces is super important in winter season than in summer. It is because; water vapor from home can drift up to the attic space and get blocked. If it is not properly exhausted out, it condenses upon the roof. It can get worse to a condition where water drips from the roof when temperature levels go down. If moisture is trapped, it causes the wood to rot and also lead to mold growth thereby damaging the roof.

Types of whirlybird ventilators:

Whirlybird roof ventilations are popularly using as roof ventilations that have been around decades now. They referred to as whirligigs and help in removing accumulated heat with the help of convection currents. Mainly, there are 2 types of whirlybirds, the active whirlybirds, and the passive whirlybirds. Active whirlybirds work on electricity whereas; the passive ones are wind driven and are the popular types in use.

Whirlybird roof ventilations are splendid and hardworking devices which last for more than a couple of decades if maintained well. Turbine vents work free and do not create any noise when compared to electric powered vents.

Now, if you are planning to add a whirlybird to your roof, there are many good brands from where you can actually get them. But make sure that you purchase the ones that are aluminum. The main advantage of aluminum roof ventilation is that they will not rust. The wind driven turbines are adjustable so that you can adjust the spinning part for maximum performance. Also, check whether the roof pitch is matching and the ball bearing is properly lubricated and sealed. They also come with easy instruction manual by which you can do the installation by yourself.

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