Discover the Potential of Promotional Pens

Whenever someone mentions promotional products, pens are the first things that come to mind. They deserve the credit, though.  Look around you and see the number of promotional pens in your office. They are all over the place, flaunting logos and marketing companies.

Then why are these items underrated?

It’s ironical that promotional pens are often scorned and looked at as a basic marketing tool. Most people use it with the notion that they are temporarily marketing their brand as they await something better. However, the label stands for a wide range of items including engraved, plastic, and even personalised promotional pens.

What are the promo pens can do?

Don’t be deceived by the low cost-per-unit of these items. Being so low-priced originally and with the extra benefit of purchasing in bulk do not necessarily mean that the receiver won’t cherish the pen.

For the record, only business cards have proven to be cheaper than promotional pens but think of it in terms of value. How many business cards can you issue daily? On the other hand, your brand name will stick on a printed pen for as long as it stays in use.

Some brands fail to recognise how much valuable these mean to customers. Try snatching one from your co-worker (more so if it is personalised). As it has always been, customers will keep and use your promotional items. Even that printed pen resting on your desk is showing anyone who’s interested your company logo.

If you still doubt the potential of personalised promotional pens, try displaying a bowl on trade shows where companies come with all sorts of giveaways. They won’t last half an hour especially if you display them in the initial stages.

This sounds like an exceptional promotion. Perhaps you have set aside a budget but still, don’t know how to go about it. The great news is, there are many ways to go about it. To begin with, they come at different prices. You have a range of prices to choose from. This makes bulk buying even easier.

Next, you may also enjoy bulk branding. Companies responsible for designing logos and branding items have discount offers for those who go bulk branding. Meaning, you can have your company logo and short advertisement engraved on thousands of pens for a reasonable fee. Think of how long it will stay there. In fact, you should be paying more.

One advantage with pens over other products is the fact that they can be carried and given out anywhere. You don’t need to wait for a trade show or special event to market your company. Nobody ever asks why you are giving them a pen, and if they do, you can never lack an answer to give them.

If you’ve been searching for an item to use as branding product, personalised promotional pens are the key. This way you can focus on a speciality or group.