Different Issues on Pet Transport

If you are relocating to another city or country, you may need to avail of the services of pet transport companies. They are very familiar with the procedures and the specific requirement for each country before you pet is allowed to travel by air.


Documents such as health cards which indicate the vaccination date against rabies, distemper, parvovirus, flu shots are required for all countries of origin and destination. Depending on the destination, some may even require import permits before your pet will be allowed to enter the country. Pet transport services will assist you in the completion of all the documents so your pets can enter the country of destination without any issues.

Flight crates

Pet transport services have airline-approved flight crates for your pets. The International Air Transport Association has strict guidelines when it comes to the crates of your pets. They must be able to stand-up without discomfort, they must lie down with ease, and can move a little during the duration of the flight. The ventilation of the flight crates is also important and if you fail to follow the guidelines, your pets will not be allowed to board the aircraft.

Weather embargoes

Pet transport services do get a weather update from airline companies and they are given notice if the weather is suitable for air travel for pets. Also, upon arrival at the country of destination, pet transport services can transport your dogs to its new place in a temperature-controlled vehicle so as to lessen the stress of the temperature.

Cancelled flights

If the flight has been cancelled, pet transport services can help you book your pet on the next available flight.


If your new home still needs to undergo some minor construction and if you are thinking if the place is not yet pet-friendly, then they have a boarding facility for your pets. You are free to visit them anytime and at the same time, you can see for yourself if the pets are comfortable in the boarding facility or not.


Pet transport Australia is familiar with the various restrictions of airlines and countries when it comes to pets. Some does not consider pets as excess baggage and they can recommend other shipping options for your pets. Some airlines, however, allow pets to be seated next to his ‘patents’ in both economy and business sections of the plane.

Take note that all airlines do not accept sedated pets. It is best to familiarize your pets with their flight crates prior to the trip so as to lessen stress.