Dealing with Flooded Basement

Taking time to examine the parts of your house can help you identify problems at an early stage. When you control the glitch immediately, you not only save money but also save your family from troubles.

The basement is probably one of the neglected parts of the house. But you shouldn’t ignore this as important utilities like gas and electricity is located in this area. Leaks can happen here if pipes aren’t maintained. Flooding can be the worst scenario that could happen if you ignore it. But don’t worry here are the tips on how to control and fix this problem:

  1. Immediately turn off utilities

Prevent accidents by switching off electrical and gas. If you can’t locate the switch, it is ideal that you call your utility company and have them shut off the power. Don’t cross the flooded area without doing this as it can cause electricity shock and even death.

  1. Open the windows

The flood water is contaminated, therefore, a foul odour may arise from this area. To vent out the smell, open the windows. You can also use high-grade fans just to blow away odour.

  1. Call plumbers

As gross and dangerous as it sounds, removing the flood in the basement is a pretty complicated job. We don’t have the right tools to clear it effectively and a single wrong move can harm us. Good thing there are services offered by the professionals to help us with this.

Sweeney’s Plumbing – North Shore Maintenance coverage,  provides cost-effective solutions to water system problems in residential and commercial premises. They are consist of skilled, professional and experienced plumbers that can facilitate blocked drains, gas leaks, flooding and more. You can definitely call them for emergency situations 24/7.

  1. Remove flood deposits

After clearing out the flood, visible mud, dirt and sediments can linger in the basement. Use a shovel to clean the area and prevent health risks. Seek help from plumbers to sanitise dirt so moulds and mildew will not develop.