Common Pitfalls when choosing SEO Services

It is often said that you aren’t in business if your website’s keywords aren’t appearing on the first page of leading search engines. While this claim bears some truth in the sense that sites appearing on Google’s first page get more visits compared to those that don’t, it is also true that this claim has over the years been used to create a sense of inadequacy among businesses and use this to sell SEO services that fall short of expectations. So, how do you ensure that you end up with a consultant that gives you value for your dollars spent on SEO? Below are a few indicators that what you are about to sign up for won’t serve you well.

False promises

Do you have a vendor promising that he has techniques that will ensure that your website will shoot instantly to Google’s first page? If you do, chances are that it is a scam. Today, search engines use very intelligent combinations of formulas to determine which website appears on the first page and which follows next. Falling for SEO services that promise to fool the search engines into picking on your site are therefore likely to be using what is commonly referred to as black hat techniques, which eventually get penalized by search engines upon discovery.

Poor implementation

Before signing up for a SEO package, it would be essential to first check out the service provider’s implementation strategy. How does he intend to do to your site to achieve the intended high search engine ranking? Do his techniques sound plausible? If the service provider promises to overhaul your site’s content to optimize it on the use of key words, such are the kind of SEO services to go for. Otherwise, if the provider intends to only tweak the site’s meta tags and meta descriptions, chances are that you won’t achieve your intended goal.

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This is a technique that involves creating thousands of hidden backlinks on your site in order to trick search engines into thinking that your site is very important. This falls under the black hat SEO techniques, and only works for as long as the search engines haven’t ascertained how genuine the back links to your site are. Once this is determined, and SEO services providers know that this will most certainly happen; chances are that your site will be dropped from the rankings that it will have achieved. What’s more, your site may get blocked by the search engines as a punishment for breaking SEO rules.


Finally, the law of gravity dictates that whatever goes up will eventually come down. This is the case with search engine rankings. Before signing up for any SEO services, get to know how they intend to monitor your site’s performance and what strategies they will be using to ensure the site retains the high search engine rankings that it will have initially achieved.