Combine Norfolk Island Luxury Accommodation With Scenic Park Trails

Norfolk Island luxury accommodation makes it a logical choice for any holiday designed to pamper and relax. However, luxury isn’t just reserved for the spacious apartment rental and inclusive condos the island is famous for. Rather, the island’s parks and reserves create the perfect setting for rest, relaxation and natural outdoor luxury.

Norfolk Island National Park

As you might expect, this is one of the most popular, and certainly the biggest, parks on the island. It has nine possible walks that allow visitors a unique perspective on the incredible diversity that graces our small Island. The iconic pines that grace the island’s flag line the trail. Because there are so many trails, you can choose to make your journey more or less challenging based on the trail. Whichever you take, keep an eye out for birds like the red-tailed tropic along the coastal part of the park and the Norfolk Island green parrot among the ferns and palm trees of the park’s valleys. Be sure to visit Mount Pitt’s lookout for panoramic views of the island, and the historical Captain Cook monument.

Phillip Island

Technically part of the National Park, this island is 6 km offshore, and one of the Norfolk Island luxury accommodation main excursions. Uninhabited, Phillip Island is an incredible 190 hectare paradise. See penguins along the shore and koalas in the Koala Conservation Centre then treat yourself to a body massage at one of the island’s spas.

Bumbora Reserve

Although the National Park will occupy much of your time, Bumbora Reserve on the southern side of the island is worth a visit. As you follow the short trail through the reserve out toward Bumbora Beach and Creswell Bay, you’re likely to see the white terns that breed here. At the bay, stroll along the beach and marvel at the ocean waves or try taking a surfing lesson at this famous surf spot when the waves get going. If the water is flat, snorkelling is another good option.

Headstone Reserve

On the western side of the island, Headstone Reserve is home to the traditional pine, but also White Oaks. The warm coloured cliffs are home to Wedge-tailed Shearwaters and it’s not uncommon to see White-faced Herons and Sacred Kingfishers as well. Aside from the tranquil birds that inhabit the reserve and seaside cliffs, Headstone reserve is a popular fishing spot

Ball Bay Reserve

Ball Bay, nestled along the shores and surrounded by high escarpments covered by scattered remnants of native flora is one of the lesser known and visited reserves. Its inevitable seclusions makes it an ideal spot to accompany Norfolk Island luxury accommodation. Stroll peacefully along the beach or settle down to enjoy a relaxing day of fishing and watch the occasional local who comes out for the surf.

As you can see, Norfolk Island luxury accommodation is about more than magnificent rooms and amenities, it also situates vacationers in the centre of the abundantly rich and peaceful natural parks and reserves that frame the island’s one-of-a-kind accommodations.

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