Cleaning Tips for Timber Flooring

Timber flooring will look better and last longer if it is well-maintained. However, it is often neglected. To help you out, we listed some cleaning tips that you should follow:

  • Vacuuming and mopping the floor using a soft bristle or electrostatic mop can help remove the floor dirt. This must be done daily or as often as needed.
  • Door mats limit the dirt that enter into your house. So, put these on your entrances and in areas that have high foot traffic. Just make sure to always keep these clean and replace it every week.
  • If the dirt can’t be removed by a mop, you can use a cleaning solution. Choose a cleaner that has low pH level and read the instructions first to avoid creating damage to your timber.
  • Many homeowners use household detergent, wax and other polishes to make their flooring shine. While it can help, there are some cases that these products ruin the colour of the floor. That’s why it is important to call your provider first and ask what are the products that are safe to use. This way, you can avoid wasting your money.
  • Spills or any leaks should be wiped off immediately using a dry cloth or paper towel to avoid creating dirt marks. If you let these on your floor for a long time, expect that it will be harder to clean.
  • When you are mopping, avoid putting too much water on your floor as too much moisture can make the timber lose its shine.

Even though timber flooring is low maintenance, you still need to spend some time to keep it clean. If you want to do that but you don’t have enough time, you can contact professional cleaning services. There are many companies that offer this so research first to get the best deals. But if you don’t have it yet in your house, just contact us and buy timber flooring online.