Choosing your Bathroom Tapware

The proper selection of bathroom tapware is essential because it adds elegance to the bathroom. For those who have the budget, this piece in the bathroom can even be the focal point because some designs are too beautiful to be ignored.

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How to choose the right for you

1)    The design- always base the choice of bathroom tapware on the design and color of the bathroom. The stainless steel can add elegance while the color whites can even make a pastel-colored bathroom look prettier. Then, feel if the bathroom tapware fits your hands. It must be comfortable when you hold it.

2)    Three -piece or mixer- the three-piece is the traditional design while the mixer is the latest trend in bathroom fixtures, there are no more levers for hot and cold water.

3)    Functionality- more people are now opting for the mixer style because of the style and its water-saving functionality. The one-lever mechanism allows the water to achieve the right temperature without having to adjust the water temperature with two levers. However, the three-piece lever is still being used because of its classic style and time-tested functionality.

Electronic bathroom taps

This is the latest trend in bathroom tapware and through a sensor,  water will flow from it once the sensor detects something below it and the flow will stop if the object is removed. The use of batteries is required or it can be wired to the main power line. The sensor cannot be tampered so no worries because it will not cause any flooding in the bathroom. Electronic bathroom tapware comes in various designs- from fixed or swivel necks, from stainless steel to chrome-plated and brass.

Electronic taps are efficient in controlling your water bill. For instance, most persons do not turn-off the tap while brushing their teeth. Water flows continuously and this adds to your monthly water bill. The use of electronic bathroom tapware will eliminate the unnecessary flow of water because it automatically shuts-off once nothing is detected underneath.

Children and senior-citizens can benefit a lot from electronic taps because they no longer have to push or swing a lever for the water to flow. Their restricted mobility will no longer be a hindrance, they will just place their hands underneath and the water flows immediately.

It is also more hygienic as you do not have to hold the lever after using the toilet. It eliminates the spreading of germs. In addition, you reduce the amount of cleaning time because with electronic bathroom tapware, you no longer have to hold the lever with soapy hands which cause stains on the material.