Choosing an Online Business Coach

The promise is tantalizing: No experience needed, earn up to US $10,000 by working a maximum of 10 hours a week. All you need to do is to hire the advertised online business coach to help jumpstart your online business. You may have to pay something between US $2,000 to $20,000 based on the suite of trainings and products you choose.

The trouble is that the most of these “be your own boss” campaigns are run by scammers. Despite the highly publicized “Operation Empty Promises” lead by Federal Trade Commission, the number of frauds overwhelms the small number of legitimate coaches. It is not easy to run a successful online business, but the following four steps may help you pick a legitimate coach.

First, get personal recommendations. Nothing can replace good old word of mouth. Some of your friends may have launched their own online businesses, talk to them to find out if they worked with an online business coach. Otherwise tap into your contacts within the industry, talk to people at a meet up for entrepreneurs. You may even drop a line to your favorite blogger, she may have a recommendation for you.

Second, always remember that established institutes are more likely to associate with a credible expert. Hit your local library and pick up Internet marketing books from well known publishers. Start reading trusted business magazines like Forbes, Entrepreneur and Fast Company to see which gurus they admire. They are less likely to fall for frauds than individuals browsing Internet.

Before you reach out to spend serious money, exploit the free or low-cost training available online. Quite a few online business professionals provide free seminars, online classes and downloads, all of which may give you enough information to tweak your online business profitably. But if all your needs are not met yet, you can decide who among those will be best for your needs. But beware that many of the free tutorials are nothing more than sales pitch. Trust your instincts to know when value is being delivered and when you are being conned into buying something with dozens of “additional” feature. Time-sensitive offers are more often than not designed to make you spend much more than you need by targeting you when you are at your most vulnerable.

Lastly, but most importantly, learn how to spot scammers. The easiest way to acquire this skill is to spend some time at Bogus Business Opportunities section of the FTC website. This provides valuable articles about how scammers operate. If a fraudulent online business coach gets you even a business coaching Australiafter due diligence, raise a complaint with FTC. This may get your money back, equally it would protect other unsuspecting victims.

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