Choosing a Removalist

Anytime you have to relocate the task of choosing a removalist to give you a painless move is ahead of you. This article will list out a few things you should look at while choosing from the available removalists.


Most important thing is to start early. If you want the best deal, you will need to get quotations from multiple companies, and this may sometimes take close to 2 weeks to get it all sorted out.  Start out by hitting the Internet and requesting for quotes. You will get an immediate response online, but this is not a fixed price yet. Click here. Ask the ones that you are most happy with to send an agent down to your place and evaluate the material to be moved.

When this agent comes, point out to him all the good you need moved but draw his attention to specifically heavy items and items that would need to be handled with care by removalists Brisbane Southside. After the visit, insist on a fixed price quotation – not just an estimate. You will not have to pay to get this quotation.

Do not forget that the cheapest bid that you get is not necessarily the one giving you best value for your money. This is because different companies will cover different things. Also, the fine print on each of their contracts will be different – so do give it a careful read.

The price will also depend on the day you want to move. If you decide to move on a weekday, the costs will be considerably lesser than on weekends or other holidays. Friday is usually considered the best day to move. Call the Sunshine Coast Interstate Removals for moving service.

While choosing a removalist, do make it a point to ask what their staff is trained in. Ask what different certificates they have, and that these are not outdated. Find out about insurances that they have, and what is that you will have to insure on your own. Equally important is to get everything in written, sign a contract with the company hired to move your goods as there is no other way of holding them accountable in a court of law.

Another important thing to find out is the company policy of delay. Some firms charge you for every hour of delay, others take the responsibility to reach your new house in guaranteed time. Do the vehicles used for transporting your goods have a navigation system? Some simply work with mobile phones, and that may not be something you would consider safe enough.