Carpet Cleaning And Pest Control Techniques You Can Employ

It is indeed true that prevention is way better than cure because aside from keeping diseases at bay due to pest infestation, you also save money as you no longer have to hire exterminators. One way you can control or prevent pest from making your home their breeding ground is by keeping your home clean. If you have a carpet, you need to make sure that it is free of dirt. Regular carpet cleaning and pest control are going to be the best practice to follow as these keep your carpet good as new and pest will not infest.


Simple House Cleaning Tips

One of the areas of your house that can invite unwanted guests such as roaches and ants is your kitchen. It needs to be kept clean all the time and you do not have to buy chemical based cleaners to clean this area. All you need is vinegar as this is known as a natural carpet cleanser. You can apply it on areas where insects can be usually found. It is also necessary to sweep the floors everyday and get rid of spills immediately. Rice, nuts and grains must be placed inside air tight container.


A warm environment is also appealing to insects and rodents and food and water can also attract them. Your garbage must be carried out every day so you can avoid attracting rodents and clean areas where there are food residues. If you have plumbing problems, make sure they are fixed right away to avoid water leak, which attracts unwanted pests. It is also a best practice to get rid of clutter as this attracts spiders, roaches and silverfish. When you have a clean home, you can be sure that you will have peace of mind as you no longer have to think about pest.

Your carpet should be cleaned every week especially on heavily trafficked areas. There are two ways to clean your carpet and these are dry and wet method. If you are going to use dry method, you will only need little time to ensure that it is completely dry. With the wet method, you need to give it at least 24 hours to dry before you can walk on it again. Using it without making sure that it is totally dry can result in damaging your carpet due to mold and mildew. It can even become attractive to pest.

Consistent carpet cleaning and pest control are the way to go. It gives you an assurance that your family is protected from diseases and you also extend your home’s lifespan. Hire professional carpet cleaners with pest control service now!