Camp Trailer vs. Having A Tent

Camping is really fun especially if you are doing this with your family and friends, although camping would really require so much effort, kids would really love camping because of the things that the camper traditional doings like a bonfire and setting tents.

If you are planning to go for a camping whether on a hiking or with the beach wherever you want to camp with your family and friends, of course, you always need an accommodation, there are two types of accommodation in camping, the traditional tent, and the camp trailer, but which is better?


Tent is the traditional and most common accommodation when camping, tents are easy to carry these are good accommodation when you are going up high and hike as you can carry them with a bag or with your bare hands, it is also cheaper compared to the camp trailer, but the tents are not so easy to assemble, and if the strong winds hit you, your tent would probably can be blown away and tents are only for sleeping the capacity of this is according to its size of course. The good thing about the tent is that it is really easy to carry; the smaller the more easily to carry but of course, the security when you are in a tent is very low as it is very easy to get in.

Camp Trailer

Camp trailer is not just like tent, it is huge and it requires huge amount of space and for you to carry this type of accommodation you will need to tow it in your car, well it is safe to carry on a rough road but it would be really hard to carry it in higher places like peak especially when you are going to hike, it is also more expensive than the tent, but the good thing in the camp trailer is that is easy to set up and it is much safer as you can have locks to your camp trailer and as it is sometimes made from wood or metal it cannot be easily blown by a strong wind.

You can buy camp trailer in some stores in Australia, or try to get camper trailer hire Brisbane, well tent and camp trailers are really way different from the other but of course the important thing is that when you are in the camp, forget the luxurious feeling and feel the nature, whether you are going to sleep in a tent or with a camp trail.