Building Inspections

Have you ever wondered what building inspections are and what is their advantage? Such an inspection makes use of an inspector who thoroughly checks the house or a particular building in order to verify the quality and a number of other factors before the building under discussion is placed on sale. It does also enable a potential buyer to make sure that he’s making the right decision since no one likes to own a property that is damaged. Such inspectors are mostly working with a governmental department as they are employed by a city or town, but there may also be a number of private building inspectors in your area with no affiliation to any of the governmental departments. Plumbing, electrical, and building may be some of the attributes in which an inspector has expertise since he is required to perform inspections at a number of different phases.


The importance of building inspections are overlooked by a number of buyers who are then surprised at the later stage when they come to know that the building they have invested in is not in perfectly working condition to say the least. Therefore, it is a wise decision to subscribe to an inspection service before you invest into a house or a building to make sure that you won’t have to spend any extra money in order to fix the ruin parts of it later. A complete inspection may include and is not confined to the inspection of the following:

  • Foundation and support structure
  • Basement seepage, roof system, safety controls, and fireplaces
  • Structural integrity and electrical components
  • Central air conditioning along with the system for heating
  • Steps and stairs, walks and driveways
  • Plumbing, carports, garages, electrical appliances
  • Gutters, decks, surface drainage, and insulation

Apart from the above mentioned services, civil design alterations, structural design suggestions or any other issue that may arise regarding the structure may call for a little help from building inspections services. An ideal inspection reports comprises of the following three major factors:

  • An estimated cost for fixing the major issues
  • A complete and thorough list of minor issues
  • A suggestion on the list of things whose repair should be preferred

To cut to the chase, building inspections enable you to make sure that you are making a worthwhile investment since you are informed beforehand about the condition of the building. It does also enable you to negotiate the price appropriately with the seller and get yourself a great bargain. Depending on a number of factors, for example, whether you have hired a governmental inspector or a private one, the price of the service provided may vary. However, taking into consideration the fact how such an inspection can prevent you from wasting your money later and helps you a great deal in making the right decision while buying a house or a building, it is only fair to state that spending a bit of money and utilizing what the building inspector has to say is always a great idea before you make a purchase.