Be Familiar With Termites

Termites have been home owners’ most dreadful enemies. It is because while these homeowners are sleeping, they endlessly munch away their homes. Yes, that is one of the worst characteristics of termites, they feed on cellulose materials thus they find damp woods really tasteful it is for this reason that they are banned to every homeowner. However, it seems that termites don’t really care if they are banned or not, when they find damp woods, they can stop themselves from consuming them whether they are standing or not. Actually, termites are not all that bad since if you are only in your homes, they can be earth friendly. That is right, they help the environment a great deal like they will help in getting rid of dead trees and they also help in the circulation of water. So, as long as you will watch your place for termites, they should just be fine.

According to an adage, it is best to know your enemies better so that you will know how to deal with them or in short, you will know their weakness. And for that, here are some facts about these pests:



– The reason why termites can easily eat damp woods even those already decaying ones is because they have microorganisms in their guts. These microorganisms are the ones who will digest the cellulose eaten by the termites.

– Termites also eat each other feces. Ridiculous, right? But they actually need to eat the feces of their other kids as they are not born with the bacteria that they need to digest the cellulose they consume. So, to generate bacteria inside their guts, they eat the feces of their kinds.

– Termites already exist 130 million years ago and they are said to be from a cockroach like ancestors. It is even said that when it comes to numbers, they are more compared to humans.

– Unlike other fathers in some types of insects where they die after mating, termites’ father will still be around after new termites are produced. They do not only help the queens in fertilizing the eggs, but they also share responsibilities in taking care of the young termites.

– You might be glad to know that those termites in your place are actually blind. However, this does not really made them handicapped as they are used to darkness being they are always in dark colonies thus they really don’t need their eye sights.

– Termites are incorporated with a kind of chemical in which they use to control the behavior of their co termites. Aside from that, this chemical is also used to guide other termites so that they will be easily found.

So, these are some of the characteristics of termites that you might want to know. You can still learn a lot about termites online. One thing is for sure though, when they are inside your home, your house is at risk thus you should contact a termite exterminator in Albury Wodonga at once.