All About Buying Wholesale Diamonds Online

The popularity of online shopping is no longer limited to items that fetch small amount of money. Diamonds are also being sold online and these are usually loose diamonds. Wholesale diamonds online traders work with the Rapaport Diamond Report which is the only body that regulates the pricing of diamonds based on carat, cut, color, and clarity. Diamonds wholesalers can buy the diamonds based on the Rapaport pricing at a lower or higher price. In effect, if you purchase diamonds from a wholesale diamonds online, you can negotiate the price with the dealer. The pricing of the Rapaport is based on an average pricing, thus, traders have different prices of wholesale diamonds.

Most traders of wholesale diamond have shops online and you will be treated with the various shapes and colors of diamonds. In most cases, these traders will sell their diamonds at a much lower price to retailers and slightly higher price to individual buyers. However, if you compare the prices of wholesale diamonds online with that of a retail shop, the deal that you will get online is better.

Some tips on buying wholesale diamonds online

1) Make comparisons- visit different sites and compare their prices. If you need a guide, go to and you will learn the pricings of diamonds based on the cut, clarity, color, and carat.

2) Return policies- if you are not satisfied with the diamond you bought online, whether the shape or the color is not the one you asked for, then you must be able to return it within the required number of days. It is also safe to read blogs and feedbacks from previous customers regarding their satisfaction with the diamonds that they bought form wholesale diamonds online.

3) Cash payment- learn if you can get a discount if you pay in cash through money transfer. Credit card companies require a certain amount of fee, so if you will pay in cash, the diamond seller must offer it to you at a slightly lower price.

4) Delivery- as a precautionary measure, always require a ‘signature required’ option so the delivery man will not just leave the package and go. Though the box does not state that the item is bought from a jeweler online, it is still safe to require a signature for your protection.

You can get a better deal if you buy from Educate yourself on the pricing of diamonds and always stay safe by reading about the company that sells diamonds online.


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