Advantages of Using Reflective Window Film Over Blinds

Other than cars, we can now see conservatories, offices, homes, schools, and restaurants using reflective window film. Here are the reasons why people have been choosing reflective window film over blinds:

Reflective window films can reduce the suns glare

The main advantage of a reflective window film is that it reduces up to 83% of the sun’s glare. Because of this function, schools, offices, and homes prefer to use reflective window film rather than blinds. A reflective window film reduces the glare in computer monitors, TV sets, whiteboards, and net books.

A window film is better at reflecting heat

In structures where a window film is used over blinds, residents can notice a very huge drop in heat. For instance, in conservatories where the food blinds are closed to keep heat away, the room will become darker. This creates a gloomy and depressing vibe to the room. A reflective film allows just enough amount of light so the room is still cooler.

Aside from window film, consider using Outdoor Shutters.

A window film protects people and furniture from UV rays

Exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun has been proven to cause skin cancer. Other harmful effects of sun exposure include the formation of wrinkles and acceleration of the aging process. In furniture and furnishings, fading may occur quickly when exposed to these harmful UV rays. The installation of reflective window film can reduce up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

Cost-effective and hassle free

A reflective window film does not gather as much dust as blinds. Blinds are very hard to clean and maintain while a reflective window film can create a shade without the need for constant cleaning. Moreover, you can just leave a reflective window film to do its job on its own while blinds need human intervention when it needs to be opened or closed.

The biggest advantage of a reflective window film over blinds or thick curtains is its ability to protect the health of human beings since it can reduce harmful UV rays. A reflective film is also much cheaper than blinds and thick curtain. Moreover, it keeps the heat out so the need for an air conditioning system is kept to a minimum.



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