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Each and every one of us is looking for a business where profit is guaranteed and easy to achieve. With the many businesses today in the world, there are also a lot of competitors that you will have to take into consideration before venturing in a particular business. Whatever business that is in your mind right now, you should first look into the angle where you see yourself selling or profiting as well, if you do not see that then look for another business that has fewer competitors. This way, you already have a slight chance of profiting. But what business has a fewer number of competitors? Is there such business?

Almost every kind of business today has many competitors but there are businesses that you do not have to worry about your competitors, the only thing you have to worry about is on how your business is going? Ever heard of stock trading? Stock trading is a very risky kind of business. It’s like playing a Russian roulette where if the price of your stocks goes up then you are very lucky to get your capital and still even have a large amount of profit where you could use to buy another stocks to trade. But on the other hand, if the price of stocks goes low, then it’s like you got hit by a bullet since you do not profit at all and you may even lose your capital. This is why some people who are into this business is even losing their retirement funds.

Trading stocks may be a risky business but the good thing about this is when the price of your stocks goes up, you will profit a lot. To understand what trading stocks is, let us first know what a stock is. A stock is a portion of a company who is selling it and when you buy some of their stocks, you already own a portion of the company depending on the amount of stocks sold to you. You already have a part of the company’s assets, earnings and equipments. This also means that you already have a say on the company itself. But of course, the lower your shares are the lower in rank you are. The one who has the largest share of stocks would still have the major control of the company. But the thing is that when the company profits, you will profit as well.

Many companies are now this kind of business since not everyone has millions of money who can put up a company where he owns it alone. In stock trading, if you want to venture on a business but you do not have the right amount of money to put it up, you can look for investors who will offer you money in exchange of ownership depending on the amount of share they have. Of course as the main owner of the business, you should have the largest amount of share of stocks to still be in control of the business.