A Visit To Denarau Island

Denarau island accommodation has been said by so many people who visit the collection of resorts to be one of the best ever in the world. Most frequent compliments of the breath-taking resorts are normally given by newlyweds on and off their honeymoon. With all the word going round of its high class appeal, tourists, families, friends have been flocking the resorts year in year out to catch a glimpse of this exciting experience talked about by earlier visitors, which normally turns out to be a prolonged stay.

Denarau Island is located in Fiji, a few miles off Nadi international airport. It receives a large number of people every day. The area’s internet connection is strong along the road to the collection of resorts for google maps directions; therefore visitors don’t need expensive tour guides to take them to the place. In addition to this, there are sign posts with brief directions towards the area. Ever since it was modernized in the late 1980s, no complains been voiced by guests concerning the travel to the place unlike when it was started. Denarau island accommodation with its high class touch gives guests a feel of this accommodation from the time they get off their planes, onto their cars to the time they are received at the main entrances of the resorts by highly trained world class personnel.

In addition to its state of the art hotel suites and rooms in the different resorts, Denarau island accommodation includes high end bars, restaurants, swimming pools and day spas. Despite having all these high-notch facilities, the accommodation costs are quite affordable for all. Earlier booking for the suites attracts big discounts and as a result no big debts and problems about costs are incurred. Once booked in, relaxing in the swimming pools or having fun on the spas is totally free. Attending beach parties, mostly happy birthday parties, held every day is also up to the concerned guest’s choice.

It is mostly misunderstood by people who have not yet visited the resorts that they are only places for leisure swimming, parties and having fun. A world class sport done by some of the richest people in the world, however, is also done here, golfing. The 18-hole championship golfing course developed after reclamation of the land provides for this. Regular golf tournaments are held here, most of which are world class.

The entire resorts offer varied dining options, but for those who want to try some other different foreign foods, there are good restaurants sited on the conspicuous waterfront at the old marina. The menus available include all tastes with Asian and Indian cuisines alongside steakhouse dining. Seafood is also available in plenty cooked in international styles, all fancy but simple.

Denarau Island accommodation provides lucky visitors the chance to attend the all-time envied Fiji International Jazz and Blues festival at Port Denarau. Visit the Island and experience Denarau Island activities!