4 Great Carpet Cleaning Machines To Look Out For

Carpet cleaning has become an unavoidable part of our lives. From dust, to liquid spills, to candy and gummy stuff which accidentally find their ways to our beautiful carpets, we are constantly in need of cleaning options. While a number of people prefer to use manual means of taking care of stains on their carpets, some others would rather use cleaning machines. We would look at some of the best types of machines in the market, their features and what to expect from these machines.

• The Bissel ProHeat 2x Home deep cleaner: This carpet cleaning machine is an absolutely awesome machine. It is built with an internal heater that warms up whatever appropriate solution to be used for cleaning is put into it. It is necessary to put in the appropriate cleaning solution so that the carpet is properly cleaned but more so, that the machine is preserved. It takes care of dust and dirt and has whistles and handy bells as some of its features. If you get this machine and it does not meet your needs, you are free to return it as it has a warranty of one year. It is also obtainable at a price of about $330.

• Hoover Platinum collection cleaner: This is a super powered carpet cleaning machine that takes care of dirt and dusts from your walls also. It is equipped with a light emitting diode (LED) which makes it possible to spot stains which would have otherwise gone unnoticed. Like the BisselProHeat 2x, it is also built with an internal heater that heats up the cleaning solution and has a warranty of up to 6 years! It has the ability to pick up liquid spills of up to 4 liters or more and can be obtained for about $400.

• The Rug Doctor mighty pro: The makers of this particular brand of machine took into consideration the options of rentals. So if you are not ready to spend so much money on buying a brand new machine, then you can rent one of these. The rentable ones are usually designed in red colors while the ones for sales come in blue color. The cost of renting is usually between $20-$30 dollars a day while outright purchase is about $600. It also has a limited warranty of 5 years when you buy it and 30 days if you rent it.

• The Bissel QuickSteamer PowerBrush Deep cleaner: This variant of the Bissel carpet cleaning machine is a quick-clean machine designed for rugs/carpets that need brisk freshening. It is however limited as you may not clean more than a few rooms before you have to refill the units. It is portable and so it can be easily hid. For a price of $110, you can afford this machine. It also has a year’s warranty.

Whilst it is good to have any of these machines in your homes or offices, caution must be taken to ensure that they are properly maintained so as to obtain optimum yield from them. Go for carpet cleaning for professionally cleaned carpets.