Unveiling the Benefits of Medical Sheep Skins

At some point in our lives, we experience less motion because we need to do what is supposed to be done. This is why every day, thousands of people all over the world are facing problems related to pressure ulcers and some other friction related clinical manifestation. This is where medical sheep skin comes in. The latter are specially prepared and selected sheepskins in accordance to Australian Wool Corporation standards. These types of sheepskins have thick wool fibres which support your body and allow flow of ventilation, therefore it keeps the patient warm during winter and cool during summer. You won’t have problems when it gets wet because sheepskin absorbs up to 35% of its weight. These sheepskin features are comfortable and helps in preventing bed sores. It is good for patients who spend long hours of lying or sitting down.


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What is With Australian Medical Sheepskins that Stands Out From the Crowd?

Australian Medical Sheepskins have been used as nursing aids successfully for the prevention of bed sores since 1960’s. The comfort and value it provides was derived from 30 mm pile springy specially tanned skins. Being a high density fibre per square inch, makes it soft, resilient wool and creates a cushion to distribute pressure points and body weight over a large area. Unlike other varieties, wool absorbs moisture up to 33% without the user feeling wet. Its fibres keep moisture away from your skin, which is a paramount measure for bed sore prevention. The wool surface reduces skin tearing and friction, making these sheepskins perfect for people confined to wheelchair or bed. Its properties provide comfort for the patient and reduce in the main causes of pressure sores, decubitus ulcers and bedsores. On top of that, medical sheepskins were not only useful in hospitals, but have been used effectively in homes. Long ago, sheepskins were not used in hospitals because too many patients did not hold in these circumstances. Once circumstance that hinders hospital from using sheepskin then was the problem with disinfection as it could be washed only in warm water. But today, the deficiencies have been solved.

Pressure Relieving Measures

All skin care programs are tailored to different patient requirements. Generally, clinical measures including regular skin inspection, assessing skin damage, and repositioning the patient are important interventions. There are devices used to relieve pressures but cost a lot. To save money, prevention can be done cost effectively than curing it by means of using medical sheep skins as it provides excess moisture absorption and low friction. Together with the pressure relieving clinical measure, Australian Medical Sheep skin has the capacity to assist in pressure ulceration prevention. It will not only assist in pressure ulcer prevention and ensure comfort, but also proves to be cost effective even in demanding conditions through the increased durability of the product.

Whether hospital or not, whether sick or healthy, there is nothing better than keeping yourself updated about the ways to prevent from pains and sickness. Every health care facility and homes must consider medical sheep skins as a way to prevent and relieve from pressures ulcers and the rest of friction related clinical manifestations. Our product range also includes medical sheepskin. Check it out.