Simple Carpet Steam Cleaning Procedures

This article will share to you some easy steps to have your carpet steam cleaned. We all know that dirty particles and discolorations could certainly destroy or depreciate your carpet’s life or appearance and its quality. In order to remove these dirty particles and discolorations or stains, you should utilize the carpet steam cleaning method with steam cleaner equipment. The carpet steam cleaning method utilizes hot water and cleaning compounds in order to help eradicate the dirty particles and stains on your carpet. For this method to be truly successful steam cleaner equipment should be utilized and in order to have this equipment, you could either buy or rent it from particular shops that offer carpet cleaners for rent or for sale. In doing the carpet steam cleaning method you require to have a vacuum cleaner, a pre-treatment spray, steam cleaner equipment and a specialized carpet cleansing compound or detergent.


1. You should move all the appliances or furniture away from the area where you would do the carpet steam cleaning method in order to avoid any obstacles.

2. Vacuum your carpet first in order to get rid of the dirty particles or any other dirt on the carpet’s surface.

3. Spray the pre-treatment on the specific area on your carpet where there is extreme discoloration or dirty particles. Leave the pre-treatment spray on your carpet for about two to three minutes.

4. Take the water container from your steam cleaner equipment and have it filled with hot water. Take the formula or detergent container from the equipment and have it filled with carpet cleansing detergent or compound. You could as well read the equipment’s manual to determine the actual measurements.

5. Have your steam cleaner equipment plugged in and turn it on. Provide at least one minute of waiting to allow the equipment’s pre-installed heater to thoroughly make the water hot. Start the carpet steam cleaning process through pressing the button which is responsible for releasing the detergent and steam. Control the steam cleaner equipment through pushing it forward and backward while on the carpet. Prevent having your carpet exposed to so much water. Release the button for releasing detergents and steam and have the equipment pushed forward and backward again on similar area to take away the excess water, detergent and the pre-treatment spray. Be consistent with the method until all the areas of the room is already clean.

6. Take the water container from your steam cleaner equipment and have the dirty water spilled into the drainage or sink. You could now read the steam cleaner equipment’s manual to learn how to clean and store the equipment.

7. Prior to placing the appliances or furniture back to the room, you should first have your carpet entirely dried up.

You should always remember that carpets are very prone to dirty particles and allergens if you do not have them properly maintained and regularly cleaned. That is why hiring Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne is very important in order to prolong the life of your carpet.