More Affordable Engineered Timber Floors

Well, this is the most real fact; engineered timber flooring is basically cheaper than the real ones. Well, they are still really though they are only engineered. But of course they are still from real hard woods. A lot of homeowners would prefer to use timber flooring being they are more durable and will tend to last longer. But the thing is they are really expensive. And to think that flooring is not just our needs, in fact there are still so many thing that we need to buy to survive, we just then opt for the lesser kinds of flooring because they are affordable. It is undeniable that timber flooring can add elegance to the place where they will be installed. So, what if you will still get the benefits of timber flooring and in an affordable price? Would you not jump on the chance?

You might deter from using engineered timber flooring because of some negative things you heard about them. And so, to keep you updated from what are real and what are just heresey, here are some of them:

– Firs fact is they are not fake, they are very real! Yes, engineered wooden flooring is made from real hardwood. They are strips of real timber that are compacted so that they will look like the ones that are already available in the market. If you are not really expert on timbers, you can hardly see the difference as they really look just like any ordinary timber planks.

– If you hear that engineered flooring is not durable and will not last, again this is not true. Just like the natural timber flooring, they are also durable being they are from high quality strips of hardwood as mentioned above. In fact, most of the buyers of these products are given up to 30 to 50 years of warranties. That alone is proof enough that the suppliers are very confident with their products.

– If you think that your neighbours can right away detect the difference, think again! They will certainly not as when the engineered timber flooring will be installed, they look almost exactly the same. Unless your neighbours will hire an expert to examine your floor, they will never know.

– For those who said that they can’t be refinished, they are partly right. Depending on the thickness, there are engineered timber flooring that can be refinished though only once.

– According to some, they can’t be easily installed. Another hearsay, as they can be easily installed just like the natural hardwood. In fact, this should not be a problem as most of the suppliers of engineered timber flooring will also install them for their customers.

There are still a number of heresy about engineered timber flooring. The thing is, if you really want to know the truth, then you do your homework and you should realised how beneficial they are instead. This is your chance now to have a timber flooring in much affordable price.

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