Why Wooden Plantation Shutters are Making a Comeback in High-End Homes

When you think of wooden plantation shutters you aren’t likely to think modern fancy and high end; you’re more likely to think rustic, traditional, and agrarian. Yet for many contemporary homes wooden shutters are making a fierce comeback.

Plantation Shutters offer many economic, ergonomic and cosmetic benefits to homeowners. High-end wooden shutters might cost a little more than your man-made pvc or poly versions, but man are they worth it.

There is something about being able to have total privacy at a moment’s notice that is quite enjoyable. You don’t really consider the difference when you have cheap blinds or even fancy drapes, but to have solid wooden shutters means you can have a total blackout from a window at any time during the day. The amount of money that can be saved on air conditioning alone during the summer months is astonishing, especially if wooden shuttered windows are a common theme throughout your home.

Everybody is in such a rush these days and thus there has been this push to run away from natural wooden shutters. There is a common and false belief that they require a lot of maintenance and therefore we should just use cheaper plastic versions. To be honest high-quality wooden Plantation Shutters will require you to maintain a good cleaning regimen, I mean dusting them once a week will be a must if you want to maintain their quality, but is that really so much to ask for such beauty? I think not.

Beyond the extra cleaning required there isn’t much you have to worry about, especially if the window frame is inside and there isn’t a great deal of humidity in your home. Yes, humidity can cause warping over time to your wood, but humidity in the home can also cause respiratory issues for the tenants of the home, so if humidity is an issue you should really consider investment in a dehumidifier before anything else. Your health matters most.

You’ll find that wooden shutters  and curtains are often found now in higher-end homes, generally because of the scenery that surrounds expensive homes. A beautiful beach or a great city skyline are nice to have on demand and wooden shutters offer you the quick ability to get a full view of your scenery without messing around a great deal with a pulley system. God knows we’ve all fought with the pulley system on a cheap set of blinds.

For some reason the new contemporary look just fits with these thick slacked shutters, who knew? Plantation Shutters seem like they’re here to stay, at least for awhile.

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