Forklift Training at Emerald Training

A forklift is a small truck used to move materials for a short distance in industries. If you’ve been to an industry or a big factory you’ve probably seen them moving huge boxes from one section to another. They look small, but believe or not, you require special training to operate one of those. Forklift training is a requirement for all employees who wish to drive the truck. At Emerald Training, we offer the best training service to equip you with all the skills you will need to work with a forklift. To start your training and as a means to display our experience in forklift training, here are a few safety tips you should follow when operating a forklift;

  • Ensure your forklift is working well. It is like checking your car oil in the morning just to be sure everything is in its place.
  • Before you start picking up a load with your fork, assess the size and adjust the forks to ensure that the load lands perfectly and is stable. You don’t want the load to be moving as you drive your forklift. As you pick up your load, ensure it’s reasonably above the ground to ensure the forklift will move smoothly as you carry the load.
  • When you are driving up or down an incline, ensure that the fork and load is pointed uphill. You don’t want the load to fall off the fork when you are driving down the incline. After having the load on your fork, sometimes it gets hard to view in front, but you should ensure you can see where you are going. You can lean to the side while you are driving.
  • When dropping the load, ensure that you center it where it is supposed to be. It should fit perfectly and all your loads should be aligned. After you drop off the load, don’t park your forklift in front of doors or on the highway and always ensure that you’ve lowered the forks and they are against the ground.

If you noticed forklift training is similar to a drivers test, even though not as exact. These are just a few tips on your training program and by joining us, you can expect to be an expert within a short period of time. Passing the forklift training program will get you a job, there are many industries seeking forklift drivers and many more are being developed. We will give you industries you can drop your resume for a chance to win your first job as a forklift driver.