Top Reasons to Just Rent a Fridge

Equipping your business with a commercial fridge that is really apt for what your needs is a must so that you can provide their expected services. Yes, setting up a business needs huge investments and this is even the reason why not all can have their own business. Just opening your business without the proper equipment will only put you at a disadvantage. For one, you can hardly entice customers to check out your business if you can provide the expected services in the first place. Like for example if you are opening a diner yet you don’t have the right commercial fridge, then you can hardly provide everything they might need from your diner. Your menu might be limited. This is quite detrimental for a business knowing that each business these days is facing a tough competition. Even with complete equipment, you can even be assured of success, how much more if your business is quite lacking?


This is why, since you are running a food business, you should have a commercial fridge that can aide you in giving the appropriate services. If you don’t have the means to buy a new commercial fridge, then you can just rent it for the time being. For some, it is even an advantageous situation like even if they have the money, they still choose to just rent a commercial fridge. Here are some of the best reasons why:

– When you will just rent a fridge, you have the chance to avoid the rate of depreciation. The moment you have that fridge out of the store, its price right away depreciated. This is a fact and you can check this by trying to sell even an unused commercial fridge. For sure you can’t sell it in the same amount as when you bought it.

– Renting will give you the option to really choose one that your business needs. Unlike when you really have to buy it, you might not be able to get what you need because of the price. After all, there are so many expected expenses when setting up a hospitality business. Besides, if you are running a business, you need to have a steady cash flow.

– This is a more convenient arrangement for you actually. You will not only get to choose the best commercial fridge but at the same time, you can even save time in the process. This is because, every time your fridge will not work, all you need to do is call the agency where the fridge is coming from as they will be the one to deal with it. Yes, this is the usual arrangement. The agency will be the one to deal with the maintenance aspect.

So, if you don’t have enough funds, it does not mean that you can’t get the fridge that your business needs. In fact, you can even change it if time will come that you want another type of fridge.

Let’s Get Cooking With Corporate Catering

So you are planning your next office event and you need this to blow the minds of your staff and clients. That is an easy task with the right corporate catering company. They are able to assist you in making your event spectacular. They are able to create gorgeously stylish menus of food for your guests to enjoy. The food is not only beautifully created but it is edible as well. It is of vital importance to put the research into a catering company as high priority. This can make or break any function. Let’s have a look at how you can go about doing this research. If you do this right you will have a caterer you can call on at any time. This means that if you put the effort into your research now you only have to do it once. Thereafter you know who exactly to call whenever you need an event. Having a good corporate catering company on standby is one great benefit to have.

When starting to look at a company to go with you need to eliminate a few options. A good place to start is to ask your friends and family if there are any good caterers they might know of. Perhaps you have been to one of their event and you were impressed by the catering, then ask for a reference. If you are hiring a event venue, ask the staff who they would recommend. Ask them to show you a few photographs of past events for you to have a look at. Not every single catering company is the same, they all specialist in something different. If I was you I would then have a look at what they offer on the menu and see if they have a few pics for you to look at. This will mean that you will be able to see what their speciality is and you can select according to the type of menu options you want. There are a few different options to select when serving your guests. You could select a buffet option, sit down dinner or even a cocktail menu. Perhaps you even need to make use of a bar area as well. Depending on these options you need to ensure that the corporate caterer has the correct amount of staff to accommodate the serving style with the amount of guests you have.

The best part of selecting a caterer is the menu tasting options. You will get to select and taste all the different flavours leading up to your event. This will only create more excitement for you before the event. You will want to taste that again and again. Good luck on your research and I all the best for you event. Melbourne’s favourite corporate caterer now have a range of business specials to choose from!

Buying Guide Of Commercial Refrigeration

If you are managing any kind of business that concerns with food or even just for your own use in your home, reliable fridge is a must. As you have probably noticed even when you are still also a customer, others customers can easily get pissed when service is slow or the owner will hand a menu and yet when they order, they will say not available. Well, it is indeed wrong in the part of the management to include in their options menus that are not available. And since such dish is already included, they should make sure it is available. So, you should learn from there now that you are also planning to embark into this type of business. See to it that everything you include in your menu is available for them. You can do that if you have a reliable commercial refrigeration.

Yes, when you have reliable commercial refrigeration, you can then stock everything that is included in the menu so that you will not say no to your customers. Take note that you are in a very competitive environment and even if you are most polite in saying no, some will not take that lightly still. They will most possibly not eat in your diner again. So, for that to happen, you can refer to these tips below in choosing a commercial refrigeration that will help you in pleasing future customers:

Commercial Fridges

– First aspect that you should prioritize is functionality. By functionality, it means it should be able to prevent spoilage and it can display your products in an attractive way. Aside from that, the unit should be easy to clean, such as every component can be sanitized easily and food safety will be ensured. It should be easy for your customers to operate it like closing and opening doors and lastly, the controls for temperature should be easily controlled and clearly visible.

– The size must also be carefully considered especially that in business, you need to stock a lot so that you can accommodate all the possible needs of potential customers.

– The type of commercial refrigeration will also matter like if, are you buying one for your lobby or maybe for under the countertops and so on? You should check out what you really need first so that when you get to the appliance center, you will not be lost with so many options.

– Serviceability is another aspect to consider. We all know that no matter how well made a product is, still time will come when it will start showing problems. So, you should prepare for that time and ask the manufacturer if they are connected with any repair company and how long the warranty is for the unit you will choose.

– However, you should know though that everything comes with a price so, if your budget is low, you can check out online first what your options are so that you can plan well.

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Things a baker needs for his kitchen

Baking is more than just whipping up cookies, brownies, cakes and bread in kitchens. It can be an enjoyable hobby for some, while others find it as a craft to be pursued. When starting off to become a baker, there are some instruments necessary to help your baking a complete success. Here are some utensils and kitchen appliances need to have in order to start of your baking dreams.


The electric mixer is the quintessential tool of a baker and is a common sight in kitchens. Mixing by hand can so much time and may not possibly get the right result as described in the recipe. With a mixer, you not only save time in mixing up a batter but you’ll get the desired outcome of your mix. Plus, mixers come in two types: the handheld or the stand mixer, both have their own advantages. With the handheld mixer, you can control the movement of the mixer and concentrate on which area of the batter needs more mixing. The stand on the other hand lets you work on other things as it will be responsible for mixing your batter at the same locking the mixing bowl into place.



Measuring cups and spoons

Also found in kitchens are these cups and spoons in various sizes called measuring cups or spoons. In order to get the best out of the recipe you are following for your baked treats, the ingredients should be measure out properly using a measuring cups and spoons. Measuring cups usually measure liquids and powdered ingredients while spoons measure ingredients that are used sparingly such as butter. The reason for this need to measure is that so you can figure out how much of a certain ingredient is used, how it will affect the final output and how much of it will it produce. This will give you a chance to modify the ingredients the next time you make your own batch should you want to put your own personal touch to the recipe.


This is the holy grail of all bakers. Without an oven, baking dreams would be nothing. Ovens are staples in kitchens and usually are not seen without one. Ovens all have the same purpose which is to provide a concentrated amount of heat over time but are different in terms of how they are designed. Some ovens have built in thermometers you can determine at what time it will reach a certain degree of heat so you can pop in your baking creation while some ovens have a countdown timer for it to stop heating at the right moment so your baked goodies won’t burn. Choose an oven that is better suited to fit your needs. By knowing what benefits you can get from a specific oven, you have complete control over how your baking will turn out.

You can check all of these and other kitchen equipments at custom kitchens Sydney.

Should you want to do some improvement in your kitchen, contact a professional kitchen renovator. They will give you some helpful ideas about this.

Essential Information You Need When Choosing A Hospitality Store

Customer satisfaction should always be guaranteed when managing a hotel or restaurant business. Quality should not be compromised as ensuring an excellent customer experience is a must. This is why you need to pay serious attention to details so you continue to succeed in your business. It starts with choosing the right hospitality store that will provide you supplies for your business. When you are provided with the wrong supply, it can create a domino effect on your customers and you will end up losing money. You need to carefully choose your supplier if you want to make the most from your business.



1.    It can be pretty complicated to choose a hospitality supplier and this is where you put your clients in mind. They are going to play an important role in making your choices so you need to make sure that you analyze whether or not your choices will win their approval. The hospitality store can provide everything that you need for your hotel, catering or restaurant business.

2.    Never let quality take a backseat because it is also important when running a hotel or restaurant business. The equipment must be carefully checked so quality will not be compromised. There are clients that are really meticulous and will not miss a second to check your silverwares. If they look cheap and of poor quality, they will not hesitate taking their business elsewhere. Restaurants and hotels that look elegant are the ones that most clients prefer.

3.    Regardless of your business’ theme, make sure that you go for a hospitality store with updated supplies. The supplier must also provide free training so the staff will be armed with knowledge regarding the proper usage and maintenance of the supplies. You will need to ask the supplier if they provide free orientation ahead of time. It will surely be advantageous on your part because you have the assurance that your supplies are handled carefully by your staff.

You may find choosing a hospitality store complicated but once you get to check the credentials of the supplier, it will be easy for you to decide whether or not they are the right company to help you succeed in your hotel and restaurant business. Just one mistake in selecting a supplier can result in losing valued customers. However, when you always have satisfied customers, the word of mouth cannot be underestimated. You will continue to gain happy and satisfied customers once you ensure quality. Make it a habit to inspect your supplies for you to know whether you need a replacement or not.

LED signages are perfect for food related businesses like restaurants, catering and even hotels.

Can’t Live Without Drinks Fridges

Admit it, life would have really sucks had fridges were not invented. There was even one important person who said that among all the inventions, nothing can beat the benefits that people get from refrigeration. The usefulness of refrigeration indeed is endless and many businesses would have really suffered without refrigeration. Today, there are just so many kinds of refrigeration and all of them have given so many services to each of us. There are the cool rooms, the freezers, the drinks fridges and many others. The most common one of course is the normal refrigerator in which almost every household has one.


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Have you ever imagined if no matter how much money you have, still you can’t find a way to beat these very hot days because refrigeration is not yet invented. Refrigeration indeed is indispensable these days. Especially during this summer season where it seems that the days are just getting hotter every day, we just can’t live without drinks fridges. In fact, because of this too much heat that almost everyone is experiencing these days in almost all part of the world, some of us have their own drinks fridge in our own rooms so that anytime we feel the thirst, we can have one cold drink right away. The thing is if you will only have one fridge in your place and you are living with say five people, there will indeed a chance that you will ran out of cold drinks.

When it comes to the availability of these drinks fridges, if ever you will decide to get one for your own use as well, you don’t really need to worry as there are just so many suppliers of this appliance. In fact, they come in different styles and sizes. So, even if your space is a little limited, for sure you can find a kind of drink fridge that will fit on it. You can also avail the mini drinks fridge, and even with them, you have a number of choices, there is a square shaped, rectangle, you will even find one that looks like a rectangle but with rounded edges and they are really cool to look at. So, aside from the cold drinks that you can get from them to quench your thirst, your room will also look cool with one of them in the corner of it.

Another thing with drinks fridges aside from the different sizes is you also have the luxury to choose the kind of color you want. You can avail of these appliances either in the conventional stores in your area or in some online shops. Where to buy the best drink fridges? Do some research.  Just make sure though that you will choose a reliable online shop or you might end up being scammed. So, never forget to take the necessary precautions and try to check a number of online shops first before finalizing everything. Take note that these things are not really cheap, so protect your investments and be cautious in everything you do.


Coffee Grinder- Does this Coffee Taste Different

Coffee, with its stimulating effect on the human body, is a great way of staying alert and refreshed. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, especially in the morning is indescribably pleasant and coffee grinders can give you the opportunity to experience this every time you have coffee. The coffee you find on supermarket shelves usually undergoes a long process before it ends up there. Once picked, it undergoes drying, decaffeinate, and roasting among other procedures before it is ground and finally packaged. This entire process changes the coffee seeds physically and chemically.  But is the taste of freshly ground coffee all that different from the packaged one? Anyone that has tasted both fresh and packaged coffee will probably tell you that there is a difference. Some swear that freshly ground coffee is the best and has a rich and truly appetizing taste.


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A coffee grinder allows you to grind your own coffee whenever you want to brew it so that you don’t have to use “aged” coffee to make “weak, tasteless drinks”.  There are a lot of grinders on the market today that will suit all your coffee making needs, whether you want to fine textured coffee for an espresso or coarse coffee for use in your French press. With a grinder, you can enjoy the aroma and flavor of freshly ground coffee in the comfort of your home without having to spend a lot of time manually pounding coffee seeds as was the case in the old days before their invention.

Thanks to the availability of a wide variety of equipment such as coffee grinders, cappuccino makers, espresso makers and regular coffee makers at affordable prices, more people can now enjoy the great taste of freshly ground coffee. There are even coffee makers that come incorporating a grinding facility that allows one to quickly grind and brew coffee. From supermarkets to the online stores, you can easily find these equipments, which have now become essential in many homes, at an affordable price regardless of whether you are looking for a simple or a more elaborate machine. These will not just give you fresh-ground coffee, but the seeds will be uniformly ground, which is said to be a feature of great-tasting coffee. However, cheaper models that come with blade grinders can change the taste of the coffee when run for long.

So go and get yourself one of these equipments and enjoy your cup of freshly ground, home-made coffee and find out the taste difference for yourself.

Electrolux Professional Commercial Dishwasher

Electrolux is a company that focuses on innovations based on extensive consumer insight to meet the real requirements that individuals and professionals have. This can be seen in the large range of Electrolux commercial dishwashers that they have brought to the market.

The novel dishwashing technology they have offers performance better than their competitors. To meet HACCP compliance their dishwashers provide a constant rinse water temperature of 84 degree Celsius. This is maintained for the complete rinse cycle. These dishwashers also maintain the right pressure of water to make sure that no trace of detergent is left behind.

Along with the water pressure, they also provide an option to enable incessant water softener system that further ensures that no trace of detergent is left on your crockery, cutlery and glassware. Further, a few of the models have the tank and the hood double-walled to prevent heat loss and give a more efficient wash.

The hooded model Electrolux commercial dishwasher is an ideal choice for heavy-duty use. These can wash a maximum of 1,200 dishes per hour. Electrolux also offers a specialized washer that works well with medical glass washing. These can also be easily connected to prewash tabling, and dishes can exit using a roller conveyor tabling.

Rack-type dishwashers are best suited if a modular but high capacity design is needed. These can handle a maximum 300 baskets per hour. These are also available with a hot air blower and a condensing unit, if you need them. You can configure the tunnel for air drying to fit your particular needs.

The Undercounter Dishwasher range works best if you need to address specialized cleaning requirements. This line of Electrolux commercial dishwashers includes Wine Line that works best with delicate wine glass, Café Line which is a perfect match for cafes that need to meet the highest possible hygiene requirements even with inexperienced staff, and Medical Line to sanitize medical glass.

If you need to wash baking plates, containers, casseroles, pots, pans, storage boxes, trays and other cooking utensils then the correct choice for you is the Pots and Pans Dishwashers. These are available in front-loading models as well, to reduce the space the whole setup may take.

If you need a multipurpose utensils washer the space-saving Dish and Utensils Washers would be a good choice. You cannot program various cycles for specialized needs, but this works like a charm for regular washing that could include items like crockery, cutlery, containers, glasses and pizza plates. These can handle up to 65 baskets an hour.