Advantage and disadvantages of having a window shutter

Window is a part of home that is very rarely to be recognized because people think that it is just a window but the truth is that window gives so many benefits at home and it is just right that it will be treated like how you treated your wall, floors and door it also deserve some designs and make it more attractive.

Windows have its window covers, there are many types of window covers that can be used to your windows but one of the most popular types of window covers is the window shutters. Window shutters have many benefits to your home as well as the curtains and blinds but of course, they are different from each other if you are planning to invest a window shutter in your home here are the advantages and some of the disadvantages of having a shutter as your window cover.


• Protection- Installing an interior window shutter will protect you from the heat during summer and from the cold wind during the winter and the exterior window shutter will eliminate the needs of plywood on your windows during the storm and it also protects you from any flying debris especially if your home is located in the hurricane prone areas.


• Privacy- shutters gives you option whether you want some privacy or visibility and of course you will just need to adjust the rod so that the light can still enter your home.

• Easy customize- There are ready-made shutters that come in different sizes and you can choose in which size your window is more close to and you can easily trim the excess size by the use of a saw for quick customization.

• Light control- You can adjust the louvers to allow the certain amount of light you wanted to come inside your home.

• Security- You can feel safe even at night because the shutters have its own lock and it can be an additional security for your home.


• Reduced visibility- To allow the full view outside you will need to open the shutters widely but when it is close you will just adjust the shutter to allow the light to come inside your home.

• Awkward- The interior shutters swing in so in any case that you want to open it they are instances that furniture will come in its way.

When installing it you can install it by yourself or hire someone to install it for you. But I suggests that you hire the Shutters Gold Coast for this.